We pay attention to four major areas; however, we constantly assess our program areas to ensure that we are on the correct track toward fulfilling our goal and vision, which are all focused toward increasing vigilance for safer and more secure communities, including our internet.

Vigilance First

The vigilance first is our flagship program , this program focuses on creating and increasing mass awareness on security among the citizenry. The aim of this program is to spread security awareness across the length and breadth of our operational zones in order to increase public knowledge on  security. We focus on , Cybersecurity awareness , Human security awareness , Online extremism awareness and emerging security threats.

Security Aid

Our Security Aid program provides total support for victims of cyber , human  and other crimes . We marshal resources to provide support for  victims of crime, through this initiative we lead complainants to the legitimate institutions to get 360 aide (Technical, Legal , Psychological  and Emotional support.

Cyber Diplomacy

Crime is a cross boarder activities , and this requires effective collaboration ,partnership and dialoguing among countries , governments, organizations , institutions and individuals . Our Cyber Diplomacy program focuses on forging partnerships with like minded actors globally to work towards making the cyberspace and our society at large more safer.  We also contribute to both local and global policy making on cyber and human crime as well as internet governance,  tech policy and among others. 


We undertakes extensive research on cyber, human , online extremism,  national and global security.  We issues reports,  findings and recommendations on our research outcomes to institutions, academia, agencies and organizations using legitimate means . Our research work is  for the purposes of decision and policy making, public information, advocacy, learning and among others with all geared towards achieving a more safer and securer society.