Gordon Owusu

Mr. Owusu is a Physicist and a dedicated security enthusiast. He holds a pivotal role as one of the founding members at the Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau (CISAB) while concurrently serving as an engineer within a Ghanaian government organization.

Within CISAB, his responsibilities encompass diverse aspects such as administration, research, and operational management. His core duties include strategic planning, ensuring legal compliance, and overseeing reporting mechanisms. Additionally, Mr. Owusu takes the lead in organizational management, conducts extensive research on cyber threats and data analysis, scrutinizes policies, collaborates with partners, meticulously documents findings, offers support for policy development, and actively shares valuable insights.

Ernest Opare.

In Charge of Security  Strategist and Cyber Diplomacy.

Opare is a knowledge management, management information systems, system administration, cloud computing, and cyber security specialist with an emphasis on cyber diplomacy, policy, culture, awareness, advocacy, and internet governance. Also adept in international affairs, human security, research, and strategy. He works as an information technology coordinator for a Ghanaian government organization. Opare is the Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau’s security strategist and cyber diplomacy specialist.

Richard Nkrumah

In Charge of  Security and Special Investigations

Nkrumah has a background in information technology. He works as a special agent for one of the governmental organizations under the Ghanaian National Security Council. He is in charge of general security and special investigations at the Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau.

Edmond Frimpong

In Charge of  Fraud Education and Accounts.

Mr. Frimpong is a skilled financial and tax analyst with extensive experience working in a range of businesses in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. He works as a senior finance specialist for one of Ghana’s most recognized IT service providers. He works as an accounting expert and a trained specialist for financial fraud at the Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau.

Ewoe Tokpo Phd.

In Charge of Cybersecurity Research and Europe Liaison Officer

Ewoe teaches computer engineering at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. He is in charge of cybersecurity research at the Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau, as well as our engagements throughout Europe.

Jennifer Karen Oppong

Emerging Crime Awareness Lead.

An experience psychologist  with political science background combined  with an outstanding public relation skills, she is responsible for community engagement and advocacy on emerging crimes.


Derrick Agyemang Aboagye

Security Research Specialist.

Derrick is a consummate research analyst with deep -seated concentration in security research.