Head of Administration 

Security Strategist and Cyber Diplomacy Specialist. 

Intelligence and Security Analyst. 

Audit and Financial Forensics Specialist 

Cybersecurity Engineer and Europe Liaisons

Jennifer Karen Oppong

Awareness and Community Engagement Lead.


Derrick Agyemang Aboagye

Research Specialist 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau (CISAB) is a non-governmental organization that is independent, neutral, and apolitical, and registered as Limited By Guarantee – LBG. We are staffed by multi-discipline expert volunteers that are committed to non-profit initiatives with the ultimate goal of combatting crime and creating a safer and more secure environment in Ghana. Our volunteers have expertise in a variety of fields, including cybersecurity, human security, nuclear and energy safety, project management, and financial forensics, among others. We provide our assistance for the greater good of everyone. While we aim to give accurate pro bono information and assistance to the general public, it is important to stress that such assistance is our expect advice to assit the general public but CISAB accepts no responsibility for any liability originating from reliance on the information given. However, CISAB and its network of professional volunteers assume responsibility for the information, advice, services, and support they give when engaged and compensated as consultants.