About Us

The Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau (CISAB) is a Ghanaian non-governmental and not-for – profit organization that creates and increases awareness on cyber, human and emerging security issues for the general public with the ultimate goal of enlightening the minds of the citizenry and our program beneficiaries.

Security has always been one of the most pressing issues that societies have faced. Cybercrime is another version of the security challenges introduced by the cyberworld. Numerous studies and investigative reports clearly show that hackers’ actions are becoming more refined and smart and that cybercrime is on the rise. On the other hand, the vast majority of people who use cyberspace legitimately lack the fundamental information required to stay secure online. The Cyber Intelligence and Security Aid Bureau aspires to alter this troubling social narrative by committing to engagements and activities that have the potential to reduce crime in society. In light of this, we not only raise security awareness but also undertake research on these issues, support victims of cybercrime, and encourage both local and international deliberations, partnerships, cooperation, and collaborations with like-minded stakeholders to find solutions to tackle this global menace

Our Vision:
We envision a world where the majority is safe from crime.

Our Mission:
To propagate security awareness to defeat crime in society

Our Core Values





What we believe in


Awareness Culture :

We believe that by instilling a culture of cyber, security, and intelligence awareness in people, organizations, and communities, we will improve their capacity to prevent crime.


Knowledge Sharing :

We believe that finding information and expertise about cyber, security, and intelligence, managing it, sharing it, and using it will significantly help to lower crime.



We believe that , the use of of established and accepted methods of influencing the decisions and behavior of both international and local players through a win – win dialogue , negotiations ,collaborations and partnership is key in fighting crime.